Living a creative life is an essential component to our human nature. Your creative life is basically your soul’s essence wanting to come out and express itself! So allow yourself to explore the creative parts of you and notice your heart and soul expand and feel free.

self care

A roadmap for self-care: The Whole Health Cairn

I won’t go into the details about why I talk so much about self care here and now, but I do have to say that at one point, I was the definition of a hot mess. Physically, I wasn’t exactly the picture of health. I was a smoker. Made meals out of Shake & Bake …

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How writing helped me heal

When I was a child… I spent my time chasing fairies, riding dragons, “doctoring” bugs, exploring the nature around me, and being drawn into my brother’s thoroughly entertaining world of sci-fi and G.I. Joes. I often wore a tiered pink dress that my parents swear was the most hideous thing they had ever seen, but …

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