Learn Astrology and Spiritual Self-Care

Designed for Creative Self-Discovery Junkies.

Understand YOU better by getting to know your natal chart.

Humaning gets complicated.

Chances are, you weren’t born with an owner’s guide for operating your meat-suit machinery. You may be wondering how to work this awkward thing called “life”.

Discover more about what makes you YOU. Develop self-care tools that make your spirit shine. As a result, you will:

♃ Discover and understand your gifts

♂︎ Make confident decisions without apology

♍︎ Use your gifts in the face of life’s challenges

♀︎ Experience deep understanding in relationships

2021 Year-Ahead Forecast Readings

Want to know whether your 2021 will be anything like your 2020 was? Curious about what lies ahead for you and your fam? Be sure to snag your 2021 Year-Ahead Forecast Reading.

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Self Discovery

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2021 Forecasts, Full Natal Chart readings, Single Question Readings
Discover more about what makes you…YOU. Learn astrology and meditation through art, movement, and play.
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Have you ever wanted an astrologer to take a peek at your chart to see why things seem so weird? You can have this and more with the monthly membership. Coming Soon.

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Hi. I’m Toni.

I’m a self-proclaimed self-discovery junkie and I have a love for astrology and radical self-care (on an ultra spiritual level) that won’t quit.

Are you curious to know what your astrology chart has to reveal about you? Are you tired of feeling like a Universe Puppet, constantly being taken down by the “energies” that are out there?

Here’s the deal. You are not a Universe Puppet. You have choice and agency.

For the past 20 years I’ve been guiding people to embrace the Mystery of this life and learn to read and trust the signs they’ve been given so they can navigate and create their lives intentionally. I hope you’ll consider joining me…

Meet Toni


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